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Marble Polishing Services

Looking for a Marble Polishing company in UAE ,Dubai area that combines an understanding of traditional building methods and more modern technical advancements?

Acropolis Marble Polishing delivers state-of- the-art stone restoration service for homes and commercial buildings.

We arrive on time and take extra precautions with your property by protecting the surfaces surrounding work areas.

We offer a variety of services to fit your needs, from a new installation to a thirty-year- old floor.

Acropolis Marble Polishing is dedicated to the quality and complete restoration of your Marble Floors • Marble Walls • Marble Counter Tops • Vanity Tops • Marble Table Tops • Marble Shower Walls • Lobbies • Elevators • Yachts • Concrete • Granite • Terrazzo • Travertine • Limestone • Mexican Tile • Cuban Tile • Terracotta • Onyx • All Natural Stones

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Marble Restoration services

  • Cleaning – to remove embedded dirt, wax and other build-up.
  • Honing – to remove superficial scratches and flaws from foot traffic.
  • Grinding – to eliminate deep scratches, lippage and other imperfections.
  • Sanding – to eliminate extremely deep scratches that need isolated attention.
  • Resurfacing – to remove the dull outside layer of the stone and reveal the beautiful look that once had.
  • Polishing – to achieve a satin / matte, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish.
  • Sealing – to protect your surface from water and oil-based stains, and prevent staining and discolorations.
  • Lippage removal – to eliminate the presence of uneven level floor tiles that are higher and lower than their neighboring tiles due to poor installation.
  • Stains removal – from organic stains such as coffee, tea, food, tobacco, cosmetics; biological stains such as mildew,  mold, fungus or algae; and etch marks caused by acids such as wine, vinegar, bleach and general household cleaners.
  • Grouting, filling holes and making crack repairs when necessary.
  • Maintenance services – because stone requires regular maintenance to preserve its integrity and finish.
  • And Much More

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Interlock Cleaning services

Deep cleaning Dubai include All electric appliances within the bedroom such as the light, enthusiast, air conditioner and so on are completely cleaned. The change boards tend to be wiped thoroughly clean and unsightly stains are taken off the walls. Windows tend to be dusted as well as cleaned along with microfiber.

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What does polishing do?

A polished stone surface is a glossy surface that reflects light and emphasizes the color and markings of the material. This is done by repetitive smoothing of the surface to reflect light and give it a shiny glossy appearance. Grinding before polishing is required sometimes to remove lippage. (Lippage is where one edge of a stone is higher than adjacent edges, giving the finished surface uneven appearance. This has to be rectified by grinding.)

Polishing of natural stone will be carried out by wet diamond polishing process using twister diamond discs or frankfurt diamond abrasives. Repolishing can be done using only diamond polishing or with combination of recrystalization powders or repolishing materials. Our team will decide the best course of action balancing the need of the stone finish with the requirements of the client. 

We use European machinery and diamond discs and American restoration products to achieve best results whether it is polishing, restoration or deep cleaning. 

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